Thursday, March 8, 2012


The first time I heard the term "beta" following college, I immediately thought of the blue guy in a glass bowl at home. The speaker was talking about how his beta had done some magical things for his writing. I absolutely could not fathom how, exactly, his fish had climbed from the bowl, picked up a red pen, and done some hard-core editing for him.

I'm starting a major overhaul of the piece that got me serious about writing. I've changed names, combined characters, twisted plot lines, and am just now starting to rewrite the whole thing. All this rewriting has now got me thinking about finding some betas of my own (my current one is purple, so maybe some reds, blues, and greens?).

I found this post on beta readers and how to find them. It's a blog that deals mostly with children's and young adult authors, but the concept holds true throughout genres.

How about you? Are you a beta reader? Do you have betas? How did you find them?