Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

This is the time when I'm supposed to post all my goals for the year, right? All those optimistic hopes for a fresh start and some rather far-fetched brilliance on my part, or hopeful stretches for luck. I'm not doing that this year. There's nothing wrong with it, really, and I've done it every year up until now. However, every year I have failed to reach my goals, failed to keep my new year's resolutions. Therefore, I'm not going to do them. Instead, I'll be planning a series of monthly goals to go along with my lists and organization of 2012. One of them will be to blog on my journey with Celiac.

What about writerly goals, though? That is what I'm supposed to be blogging about, no? Well, here's where I need a little input.

If you're a writer, or just follow writers on twitter or Facebook, etc, you know that they come in several varieties. There are some who post exclusively links to where you can purchase their books or their friends' books, propaganda, etc. Personally, I find that annoying. I will not be doing that. Promise.

Other writers are rather reclusive (as I've been lately) and don't post much at all. Hopefully, that will no longer be me.

Then there are the writers who post about characters, put up excerpts, maybe have a blog novel/novella, show you character art, etc. Personally, I'd kind of like to be one of those writers. Question is, who would be interested in that?

So, I'm calling for a poll: who wants to learn about my characters, read my work, know what's going on in my head?

For reference, here's a picture I'm working on. I did use a coloring page as a reference, so it's not exclusively mine, I suppose. Meet Cam!


  1. So who is this lady? I want to learn more about your character.

  2. Unless you object, I'll take that as a vote for more on characters. Thanks for the input!

    This is actually a man; his name is Camryn, and he's an artist. He's a bit eccentric and very shy until you get to know him; then he's very talkative. Cam's worst qualities are absentmindedness and forgetfulness.