Monday, July 11, 2011

Assassin Kitty

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Assassin Kitty, a.k.a Chloe. Don't let the cutesy little thing fool you; This tiny creature kills and drags home animals twice her size. Somehow she drags birds through her little cat door. My parents haven't figured out how yet. We're pretty sure she makes Pagan sacrifices, too, because she leaves the heart and stomach on our neighbor's steps.

Creepy, right?

My parents are out of town for the weekend, so I'm "grandparent sitting". This means that all those little "love presents" Assassin Kitty leaves on the garage steps for my parents? Yeah, I get to clean them up. When I came home from work, there were a number of feathers on said steps, as well as one small unidentifiable object. I couldn't even look too close at it. However, this super-sweet-looking cat likely dug it out of some poor animal.

I have a point, I promise!!

So, my MC is two different people. Super-sweet-looking mom, Kallen, raises two little girls and works as a Trauma Surgeon. However, in her past and upon the girls' death, she is Vesper, deadliest assassin in the known galaxy. She specializes in torture, and has let me know that in avenging the deaths of her daughters I will be "seeing" a lot of blood, guts, and gore. Woohoo. Psyched. At least I'll have a little practice, huh?

What's the grossest thing your characters have shown you?


  1. I have a character named Norman. He is a twenty-something year-old man, and he wears a feather boa along with hot pink spandex.

    Oh, and the fact that the Queen of Hearts' throne is made of melted-down skulls...

  2. Were it not spandex, I might find that more amusing than disgusting...Lol, good one!