Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hi, I'm Traci, and I Hear Voices (WA#3)

Words written this month so far: 370
Song of the day: Castle Made of Sand by Pitbull and Kelly Rowland

Yesterday was one of my "crazy" days. I was having trouble focusing on reading anything or writing for any period of time. Why? Because the assassin in my head was sullenly silent and giving me death glares. (No worries; I didn't actually tell anyone this. They would have tried to medicate me. Then where would I be as a writer??)

Thankfully, I have some awesomely supportive writer friends who were willing to come to my rescue (Gemma and company). They started helping me interview Vesper, my assassin, to try and get her talking. It's been helpful, in that I've found she's hiding something from me. No wonder all the silence!! However, getting it out of her has proved to be...difficult.

Yesterday I also came across several pages of notes I had almost forgotten about. When I'm tutoring, I'm supposed to "ignore" the boy while he's working, so I jot down notes on my story. These notes then get tucked into my purse, and I sometimes forget they're there while I'm running errands (bad Traci!). But I found them again! Now I just have to interpret

Alrighty, then, off to feel crazy again!

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