Monday, July 25, 2011

July is Madness

Word count this month: Erm...1500. *sobs*

Song of the day: "Tangled" by Fools For Rowan

I had a dream. I dreamed that all mankind...was being eradicated.

No, seriously, I did. But it was no where near as forward-thinking as MLK Jr's. Ever seen Battlestar Galactica? I haven't seen the old one (probably because I much prefer Starbuck being a girl), but the new one? My dream was quite similar. And you know all those Battleground: Los Angeles commercials? Yup, a lot like that, too. There's a lot of apocalyptic/distopian pieces cropping up lately. (I suppose that's what you get when you have out-spoken televangelists predicting the end of the world every 6 months.)

I also have the intro to an Angel/Demon/Nephilim piece that I was planning to do for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). And then there's the superhero piece I'm going to attempt for a Samhein submissions call.

In short, my brain's in overdrive. There are so many new voices adding to the nonsense up there it's taken me a while to sort it all out. I'm still not sure I've got it in any semblance of order. It's putting a serious damper on my word count. However!!! I have a goal; I'm going to attempt 10k words this week. That gives me a goal of 2k per work day, and leaves me two extra days should I fall short. So!! Who's with me??


  1. Well, if my characters behave, I thinks I'm with you!! Of course, that's when you're done putting them through their paces, of course! 5K to start ... then I'll see how I get on!

  2. Yay! Glad I'm not taking on this insane task by myself.