Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Children

My current work in progress, Vesper's Call, is super dark. One of the first things that happens (or second, if I decide to add in that extra set-up chapter) is a huge bombing. I mean, HUGE. It takes out the majority of a major city. Lots of people die. Craziness ensues. And my main character, Kallen, a Trauma Surgeon, looses her twin daughters. Like I said, this piece has a rather dark tone to it.

I was working with one of the young students I tutor last night, and after we finished his daily summer work sheets, he picked Hi Ho Cherry O as the game he wanted to play. It's a simple game, nothing complicated, but as often happens, my young friend was a little distracted. This can sometimes be frustrating, because, as I mentioned, it's a simple game, so it's not much fun having to remind him that it's his turn. Yesterday afternoon, sometime around the third time I had to remind him to pay attention to the game, it hit me: while I was a little annoyed (granted, only a little--this particular little boy is absolutely adorable, and he's got a sweet personality), Kallen would give ANYTHING to have even these more mundane moments back with her kids. By the time the tutoring hour was up, my head was spinning with all the different thoughts she might have and the ways she would react.

That was my thought provoking moment for the week. Inspiration is EVERYWHERE. We just have to be open to it.

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