Thursday, June 23, 2011

Save the Bookstores Day (6/25) and WA

I had heard mention of this "Save the Bookstores Day" thing, but hadn't found any details, until now! This Saturday is the date, so mark it on your calendar and take the kids to a bookstore. If you don't have kids, borrow some. (Someone you know really well, preferably; it's illegal to pick up other people's children at random off the street.) If you'd rather not borrow kids, then go by yourself. However you do it, just go to the bookstore and buy a shiney new book (or twelve) to put on your shelf.

So, PSA done, on to Writers Anonymous.

Welcome to Traci's first ever meeting of WA. I'll go first.

Hi, my name is Traci, and I'm a snob. No, really, I am. I recieved a review yesterday, and I was really upset by it. Now, I get bad reviews. That's cool. If you don't like my work, I understand. It's dark and gory and evil and tragic and SciFi, which not everyone can stomach. Sometimes I even prefer bad reviews, because they help me grow and get better. What I DON'T like, though, is when someone blatantly disregards the entire point of the piece, or doesn't understand it because English isn't their native tongue and they don't try to understand it, or the have to read it (for whatever reason--say a contest) and hate the genre and don't look at it with unbiased eyes because they hate the genre. It irks me in a way I can't even explain! I always try to be unbiased. Not that I always succeed, but I do try, and I would like to have that consideration in return. I didn't think that was a lot to ask.

Whew. I feel so much better. Anyone else? Thoughts/opinions on my revelation, or revelations of your own? The podium is open!


  1. That bothers me too! I don't write Sci Fi, but I do play with chick lit and contemporary romance, and people can be jerky about it as well. Writers groups can be so valuable for feedback and making friends who understand what it's like to be a struggling writer, but it can also be hard when someone just flat out decides to hate something before they even begin reading. Very annoying! I hope your next time getting a review, it goes better!!

  2. Thanks! It often is a lot better; I'm a member of Critique Circle, and in general, even if someone hates what I wrote, they'll be good about telling me why. It seems the ones who don't like the genre steer clear, which is nice. :) Thanks, Lindsey!