Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AIM Day 2

Word count (as of 12AM): 0. I had a lovely outline set up, though.
Song of the Day: If I Die Young, The Band Perry

It's August 2nd, and therefore Day 2 of the Awesome Inspiration Month. Much fun to be had, yeah? Today's inspiration: Fans!!!

I haven't met my own personal quota in quite some time. I keep telling myself I want to write so many words in a month, or even so many in a day. No matter how much time I spend sitting at the computer, staring at the blank screen, I just don't get my word count in. But today, I found a smidge of inspiration in a fan!

Today, this fan mentioned that she couldn't wait for my next scene, or to read about some things I'd mentioned would happen in the story. She is actually excited to read the latest chapters of my work in progress! I didn't have to pay her to say that or anything!

So, that's my advise for today; find a fan, someone not related to you, someone you don't have to pay, who is genuinely interested in reading your story.

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