Monday, August 8, 2011

AIM Day 8

Word Count: 2,966
Song of the Day: Imperial March by John Williams

Today's inspiration: sleepless nights.

Ever spend a night staring at the ceiling because the voices in your head won't shut up and want you to tell their story RIGHTFRAKIN'NOWTHANKYOUVERYMUCH!!!?? Yeah, me, too. However, that is not the cause of my sleeplessness. (No, that would be the doctors, who are 99% certain I have Celiac, but want to do the definitive test, and therefore want me to eat all the foods I'm likely allergic to, which causes my iron levels to plummet. In case you were curious.) It is, however, making me an absolute mad scientist over my current WIP. Today, I got in a LOT of brainstorming and a good scene, plus started a scene I've been procrastinating on. And they're good! (Or, I think they're good, because I'm too tired to think otherwise. Either way works for me right about now.) (I like parentheses. Can you tell?)

While I would not suggest keeping yourself up at night just to get in a solid word count, should you find yourself sleepless, use it to your advantage. Who knows what you'll come up with?

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