Wednesday, August 3, 2011

AIM Day 3

Word Count: 542
Song of the Day: Diamond Eyes, Shinedown

Today's inspiration is brought to you by shiny objects. (Actually, I just wanted to find an excuse to post one of my favorite pictures of something shiny. :) Image from Krikawa.)

Last night, I was actually able to give out helpful advice. Shocking, I know!! (I actually can't take too much credit; it was advice given to me a number of years ago. I'm just borrowing it.) I was in eighth grade and doing a project on the career I wanted when I grew up. I decided my project would be on becoming a ficton writer. I had to do an interview, and since John Grisham was unlikely to return my call, I asked one of my dad's writer friends. She answered my questions far more thoroughly than I had expected, so it took me a while to process all of it. I ended up with a nice project (which my teacher later admitted she hadn't thought I'd be able to pull off), and years later, some of the things she said in that interview stuck with me. Since this advice has been so helpful to me, and was helpful to someone else last night, I'm passing it on.

At the top of your paper/word document, write/type these words:

Gag the internal editor, hold him/her hostage, and just write. You can't edit a blank page. Better to have something, even if it's terrible, than to have nothing.

So, there's my shiny bit of inspiration for the day.

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