Thursday, August 4, 2011

AIM Day 4

Aug Word Count: 1,759
Song of the Day: Roses by Seether

I got a lot done last night. Well, maybe not a lot for some people, but I felt like I was on a roll for a while there. Had I been able to keep going (and not, say, commute home, care for a friend's pets, check their house, etc), I could have gotten a LOT done. Alas, once again, life gets in the way of writing. ;)

I keep talking about inspirtation, I know, but yesterday, I found INSPIRATION!!!

I've heard a lot of people say "Write in order! Don't just write will-nilly whatever scene you want."

So, lately, I've been doing just that. Writing in order. Problem was...I wasn't sure what came next. I knew what happened in the middle, or three-quarters of the way through, but not "next". Thank goodness I had a writing budy who just smirked at all those "strict dilligence" kind of people and said, "Just write your candy scenes already."

What? Candy scenes? You mean like Troli Brite Crawlers, one of my favorite snacks?


Candy scenes are the fun ones, the scenes that are more vivid in your head--battles, dramatic moments, evil scenes where you make your characters squirm. You know, the fun stuff, the ones that will be a treat to write, even if it's just a rough, ugly version.

Turns out, I really like candy scenes. (No kiddin', right?) My main character, Vesper, is an assassin, and she likes to pretend she's all cold, heartless, stone woman. It just ain't true. Many of my candy scenes involve another character, Shock, calling her out on it. Shock is a very laid-back kind of guy, and he enjoys nothing more than pushing Vesper's buttons and making her squirm. This suits me just fine, let me tell you.

So, that's my inspirational thought for the day. What are your candy scenes?


  1. Ha, I like the term candy scenes. :D

    It's always great when inspiration hits like this!

    I purposefully don't write them all first because once I write all the "fun" stuff, then I have nothing to look forward to except the scenes I've been putting off.

    That's whats so great about writing though. No too authors have to do it that same way. It's all about the end result. However you get there is up to you. :D

  2. I'm a fan, too. :)

    I don't think I'll ever be done writing candy scenes. As I write one, I come up with another, maybe for a different piece. Either way, it's great fun.